Hi friends, I decided to try something a little different with my blog. Since I had so many people like the last post I did on Army life and West Point information, I decided to start #militarymonday! Every Monday I am going to try and publish a post about something Army related, so if you have anything specific you would like to hear about let me know in the comments or send me a message on Instagram!

Just a note: These may be military focused posts but you can definitely read them if you aren’t military because this post, along with future ones can also apply to life in general!

Here’s a little throwback to Hunter’s graduation โค๏ธ

I wanted to start this off by talking about some of the lessons I have learned the last 4 years while being with Hunter. I think military spouses are probably the most underrated people. We do a lot on the sidelines and behind the scenes for our husbands, family members, etc. I love it, but I have learned a lot in the last few years. I bet you ladies have all learned some lessons too!

Make the most of every situation. I talked about this in my last post but I’m going to talk about it again. I have seen plenty of people, myself included, get upset about a training, a post, a deployment because it has messed up my plans. Funny fact about the Army? Army comes first, your plans come…maybe second. At first, I would get so upset and worked up, but being flexible and adjusting for those surprises is what helps make me a happier person, and could make you happier.

That surprise post? Maybe it’s Alaska, or Oklahoma, maybe it’s overseas. Whatever it is, find a way to enjoy it! Plan adventures, make friends. People were not meant to stay in one place their entire lives. We aren’t trees, we don’t have roots; we have feet and we are meant to go on adventures. Every single place in the world has something special to offer, try to find that!

An unexpected deployment or training? Make friends with girls who’s husbands are also gone. Find your army family and stick to them like glue. The special thing about the military is that it truly is a family!

Don’t put your life on hold. When I first started dating Hunter I thought that everything big I did had to be with him. I didn’t let myself do anything “big” because I thought I needed to wait for him, I wanted him to be there for it. I know he wanted to be there too, but that isn’t a way to live. Do the hike, go to the concert, go on the road trip because life doesn’t wait. Hunter has always encouraged me to do things and go on adventures, but I was waiting for him. When Hunter goes on a deployment, I can not wait 9 months to do something big or fun because he wouldn’t want that and I wouldn’t be living.

I think the waiting is something we get used to. Waiting for him to come home. Waiting for the orders to go to a new post. Waiting for the deployment schedule. Waiting for the training schedule. Waiting is the military spouses job. All the countdowns telling us when we can resume life together, wishing away those days apart. I made myself stop doing that recently because I am wishing away days with my sisters, my family, my friends. Every season brings different joys and I found immense joy last quarter at UW Seattle, even though Hunter was in Oklahoma. I missed him, but I knew I would see him eventually and I made unforgettable memories while I was at UW Seattle because I stopped wishing those days away. I took advantage of them, and I loved every minute of it.

Be outgoing and be friendly to everyone. No, you will not be everybody’s cup of tea, but you will find people that make you laugh, pull you out of your comfort zone, and people that will be there for you through the worst of it. One of my first friends I made was a girl named Brook. We actually met because I came to West Point and forgot to book a hotel and she offered to share hers with me. We had never met and I was like OKAY YEP LETS DO IT! We were both pretty quiet at first and then ended up talking half the night and I knew we were going to be friends for good. Fast forward to branch night, her fiancรฉ got the same branch as mine. Fast forward to BOLC, we had the same BOLC date and we were together every day. We did everything together. Chick-fil-a runs, banana bread making, target dates…Brook was my girl. Now I live in WA and she lives in OK so we FaceTime lots and in July I am going to go visit her to celebrate her little one! My point is that people come into your life unexpectedly and sending a friendly message to someone could earn you a friend for life. What is the worst that could happen? They don’t respond? Move onto the next one!

I cold write a million lessons and this post could probably be 30 pages long but I think that these lessons are truly the ones I took the longest to learn but have made me a happier, better person. I have grown to love the military life and I am so thankful for the relationships it has brought me, as well as the adventures. Thank you for reading my first official #militarymonday post!




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