Ellie is my pride and joy but homegirl knows how to destroy toys! She also is still potty training so lets just say these products work and you can trust them. Here we go!

Chuck It: The Whistler Balls: These things are gold if your dog likes to fetch and the ball thrower is great because then you have to give minimum effort! When your dog can fetch for 2 house straight, minimal effort is needed. Kong Puppy Toy: This is so good if your pup is smart and likes a challenge. I fill hers with peanut butter and let her work with that. It keeps her entertained for at least 30 minutes, which in my world is great! Just a note: if you are using peanut butter make sure to buy peanut butter that doesn’t have xylitol. This can be fatal to dogs! I normally buy Jiff for her.

Puppy exercise pen: Ellie does best in this and it has so many uses. I use it to block off areas when I leave and I can lock her in it if I need to do things and can’t supervise her. She also then has a place I can throw all of her toys! My parents were super nice and let us borrow theirs but I linked one with over 3000 reviews and almost 5 stars.Hip leash for hiking: Seriously amazing! I love taking my girl on walks but sometimes I hate that I can’t be hands free and this helps with that! Especially when I take her to state parks or on trails with me! Hands free and controls pulling…it’s a winner in my book.

Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover: A LIFE SAVER!!! Potty training was rough with Ellie. We like the lemon scent because the other one has a fresh scent but it can get annoying, lemon just smells clean and you don’t smell the pee odor at all. One of my friends recommended it after Ellie peed on my mattress and this was the only thing that worked. Bless her soul because I was about to lose it.

Pet Botanics Training Reward Treats: Perfect for training! I always got worried I was giving Ellie too many treats and that she would get sick but these are specifically made for training and are made to allow for that training process with treats! Ellie likes the bacon flavor and the chicken flavor. I linked the bacon because it seems to be the most popular!Treat Ball: This really keeps Ellie occupied and it also poses a challenge for her. Keeps her mentally and physically occupied. PLUS she occasionally works a treat out of the thing so it keeps her going (thank the lord).

Doggy Door: This has been a blessing because we don’t have to worry about her going potty in the house while we are at work or school or running errands. It fits in any slider door and it took maybe an hour to train her how to use it. We just had to reinforce the training as we potty trained her by making her go through it to potty outside. If you aren’t into the doggy door idea here is the door bells we bought as well.

Dog Seat Cover for Pets: BEST INVESTMENT. Ellie gets messy at the dog park…like mud covered, lays in puddles and legit looks like I bathe her once every 10 years kind of dirty. SO when it’s time to get in the car I don’t freakout because the backseat is protected and the cover washes. All I can say is get this now and you will thank me later. No regrets.

Collapsable dog bowls: Perfect for hiking and adventuring. Dehydrating is so common in dogs, especially in the summer. These are great and I keep them in the car with a water bottle so I can give Ellie girl her food and water on the go! Easy to clean, and they collapse into a flat little disc easy for storage.

I hope these were helpful! I seriously love all of these products and they all have held up very well. Ellie approves and she is the most destructive, insane (amazing) dog I have met! Cheers to crazy pups!!!



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