Hello everrrrybody! Today I thought I would chat with y’all about winter and all that comes with it. Personally, winter is my least favorite season and I used to dread it. I don’t love it, and probably never will but I have gotten to a point that is healthy for me and I am in a better place than I ever have been.

Typically, I get very down during the season and I end up holing myself up in my house. This winter has been a little different for me and I am SO thankful. I know there are people like me and I wanted to help you out so if you are similar keep reading!

Tip 1: Get outside daily! I know, it’s cold and can seem like death but once you get out you will feel so much better. Since getting Ellie I have had to go outside whether I wanted to or not and it has helped me so much more than I anticipated. I know not everyone has a dog, but if you can go on a 30 minute walk you will not regret it.

Tip 2: Workout: I know winter is the hardest season to keep up the habit or motivation but it is better for you and will benefit you in the long run. It doesn’t have to be an hour long or anything crazy. It can be a 20 minute workout or even 10 minutes to get your heartbeat up! Something to help your body out and get your mind clear.

Tip 3: Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals! This is so important, especially in a rainy area like Seattle. Sunshine doesn’t come out too often in the winter and it can put people in a funk so make sure your body is getting the right nutrients to help you be in the best state of health possible.

Tip 4: Maintain healthy eating habits. Winter is normally when my food habits go straight to the dumpster. Comfort foods are my-go and I end up just letting myself eat that way the entire season…bad idea. Try to keep up with your fruit intake and veggies, as well as protein! I tend to be borderline anemic so iron is very important in my diet.

Tip 5: Make time with friends. Last winter, I didn’t really do anything. I never left my house unless it was to go to class or work. I was not motivated and I missed out on a lot because I was so down. Seeing friends and getting out of the house, or even having them come to you is a great way to avoid completely shutting yourself off. Have a girls night in and enjoy a movie or go out and do something! Either way, make time for friends.

Tip 6: Plan stuff outside the house! I think you are noticing a little trend, which is trying not to spend all day, everyday inside the house. This past weekend Hunter, my friend Sonya, and I went down to Cape Disappointment. We all needed a break from school or work and it was the perfect day. We played on the beach and my puppy, Ellie, loved it. She got to experience the water for the first time as well as have her first beach day! Planning hikes, or shopping trips or a bowling date…whatever interests you is a great way to help you have something to look forward to as well as motivate you.

Tip 7: Make time for yourself. Do things for you, whatever that may be. I enjoy watching movies and doing skincare stuff while browsing Pinterest. That is how I unwind and let myself have some downtime after a long week at school or after a hard day. Self care is a buzz word that is used a lot in social media and other outlets you may see, but it is important for mental health as well as physical!

I hope these helped you out a little bit. I know this season can be a tough one, but these are things that have truly helped me so I am hoping they can help someone else as well!



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