Hey pretty ladies, I have had a couple of people ask me to do a post on what outfits you will need for your West Pointer’s “Firstie” year, so here I am writing this post for y’all since Hunter just graduated! I feel like this was the year I spent the most on dresses because there were so many events but you will get lots of pictures. ALSO…plan around the weather, look at it before buying outfits because LET ME TELL YOU…YO GIRL WAS HOT!

Let’s get to the events!




You will just need a nice sundress for this event since it is outside in the grass at “The Million Dollar View” Amphitheatre. People normally bring blankets to lay on and wear sundresses with sandal wedges or just sandals. Definitely a mor casual event and your man, or woman, will be in their India Whites so they will be looking goooood ๐Ÿ˜‰


This is just like every other banquet so plan on wearing a formal long gown and listening to a speech or two before heading out! HEY at least y’all get another photo op…*insert dancing girl emoji*


This is another banquet but this one is a cocktail dress event. Some girls will wear longer gowns but most wear shorter, knee-length or right above the knee, dresses! Your West Pointer will be in a suit, or a similar style dress to you. Not a uniform, but I was still obsessed Hunter’s look all night. Look at the photo below to view him looking dreamy:


OH this is the event where after dinner there is a show and yeah I know typically it’s “another West Point event” BUT this one was so funny and more enjoyable!


Alright people this is not a drill! You made it. It’s happening. Get ready to freaking celebrate, also get ready to never sleep ever again, but also get ready to celebrate!!! First things first…yes this is about your West Pointer but have some fun, enjoy the last time you have to go to West Point (at least with your person being a cadet), and word to the wise…schedule an hour to yourself to just breathe because this week can be A LOT and you are still important.

Let’s get this rollin’…


Hey there all you cute fiancรฉs, you! This event is pretty fun because you can find people headed to the same post as you and meet people at different places than you! Also you can meet older, wiser women who have been doing this a lot longer and can give you some advice that you may not know you needed. This event is more of a business casual, church best dress event. Some girls wore sundresses, which is fine, but you will meet officer’s wives and the Superintendent’s wife so choose your dress at your own discretion but I always like to dress up rather than down! ๐Ÿ™‚


This event can be anywhere from sundresses to “Sunday Best”. You will go through a receiving line meeting the Supe, his wife, and a couple other higher-ups so plan accordingly also its hot normally so remember that when buying your clothes and planning all this out. You will walk through the gardens and through the Supe’s house during this event. I wore sandals because you walk a lot and if your feet hurt…everything else will hurt too.


I wore shorts and a t-shirt. Wear what you want for this event, but dress cooler and more casual because it is just a parade and one of the only events you will be able to dress casually. Personally I would’ve probably worn some loose striped shorts, and a summery blouse with sandals if I had planned better. I actually forgot to pack normal clothes for this trip and struggled to figure out what to wear for this day. Your West Pointer will be in their full dress (grey jacket with white pants and the feathered hat). A romper would be cute, another summer dress, maybe a flowy skirt and tshirt with some sandals…that kind of thing!


Take lots of pictures at this one because this is one of the last gown events for a while. I don’t know about you, but I love dressing up and looking like a princess for a night. Oh and your guy will be in India Whites again. Look hot and enjoy it!


Nice sundresses and some sandals will do! Just pick something you feel good in and get ready to take a ridiculous amount of pictures! Also if you care about clashing…for graduation they will be in full dress, but then they change into their hot new officer uniforms *heart eyes for days* They also have their commissioning ceremony that day, I wore the same thing to both! After commissioning people normally book it out of there. Sayonara West Point!!!


A few other tips for grad week:

  1. Bring good walking shoes and try to avoid heels (minus the banquet).
  2. Bring one of those hand-held fan things for the parade and graduation you’re sitting in the sun and it gets hot. Don’t forget to drink water…hydrate yo self!
  3. Pack a portable charger so your phone doesn’t die.
  4. Take tons of pictures because you will only regret the picture you didn’t take.
  5. Be patient and understand that your West Pointer is under a huge amount of stress and has had less sleep than you!


Enjoy the adventure that is the last year of West Point!





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