Hello everyone! I know I have been gone for a hot minute, but I am back and here to show you some super cute pieces from Ollie + Co. that I absolutely LOVE! The gals at the boutique were the sweetest and sent me a couple pieces to show y’all. I can’t wait to show you, let’s jump in!

Side note, if you are wondering I am a size small, medium for the sweater, and these all fit perfectly so I believe everything is true to size. I did not try on any bottoms, so I am not positive on those, but all the tops were great so normal sizing should be good when shopping there.


Alright the first piece they sent me is this adorable striped tee with slits on the side. This can be styled so easily, and has such a flattering cut! It is perfect for spring because its a lighter long-sleeve top and, if you want, you can layer it with a jacket and use it for fall as well! You can’t go wrong with a basic striped tee, especially one this cute!


Next up is this super versatile light-weight jacket! It is perfect for spring because it isn’t too heavy, but if you need a little warmth for those windy spring days, this is the answer!


I saved the best for last with this super soft sweater that is absolutely my favorite thing ever. Seattle is cold, even in the spring, so I love a lightweight sweater to wear to give me a little extra warmth while we are in the rainiest part of the year here in the Pacific Northwest! Sweaters are very hit or miss with me; I don’t like when they look frumpy and I feel like a lot of the time that is exactly what happens, but that was not the case here and I couldn’t be happier!

This shop is definitely worth checking out, you won’t be disappointed! They did not pay me to write a positive review of their pieces. These are my honest opinions about the items they sent me because I want you all to be able to shop with them without any concerns. I had so much fun collaborating with them and I will definitely be going back to buy some more clothes! Check out their shop online, and try not to empty your wallets! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I linked their site above, but here it is again.

OH and since yesterday was “National Puppy Day” I had to add this: 10% of all their profits go towards a local animal rescue organization! Great clothes, and helping puppies?! What could be better than that?

I hope you all enjoyed reading and, as always, feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to chat!



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