With Winter being a lot of people’s busiest season, I wanted to make a list of a few things anyone can do in order to take some time for themselves. The weather is gloomy, the air is cold, and these post-holiday feelings can put me in a funk, so taking time for myself has been very helpful in making this season great! I know I’m not the only one who gets a little down after the holidays, so I put together a list of things I enjoy doing for y’all. Maybe you can try a couple if you’re in need of some relaxing, fun things to do!

1. Read a book while drinking your favorite drink: I really love to read, but during the school year it can be hard because textbooks tend to take the fun out of reading. I am currently reading some poetry by Rupi Kaur. I also just bought a book from Target that teaches me how to clean my closet out and only keep pieces I truly love. Do you guys ever walk to your closet and have no idea what to wear, even though your closet is FULL of things you could wear? Yeah, me too, so now I am learning how to fix that which I think is great!

2. Face mask and a movie: Some self-care is always a good idea. I enjoy putting a mask on and enjoying a movie. My favorite types of masks are radiance boosting for winter and hydrating during the summer! Afterall, our skin ages with us so taking care of it is important! Feeling Beautiful is the brand I absolutely love! They have so many options, I have 5 right now!

3. Watercolor painting: I got into watercolor painting about a year ago and I think it is such a good stress reliever. Not only is it fun, but you can really do anything with it. There are tons of new techniques and ways to paint, so I never get bored. Having an artistic outlet is something I think is good for everyone.

4. Get a mani-pedi: I love getting my nails done. Whether I do it at home or go to the salon, it makes me feel more put together and leaves me feeling a little more refreshed. I am more of a neutrals gal so you can bet I am going to get a blush pink or off-white most of the time!

5. Yoga: Doing some restorative poses and focusing on my breathing helps me to let go of the thoughts running through my head and really be present. Yoga is very beneficial and anyone can do it. There are so many poses and most of them can be modified to fit each person’s abilities. I find that being present can be difficult because we have so many distractions in our lives. Taking a moment to be where we are is a good way to refresh and be more productive!

6. Take a warm bubble bath: I don’t know about you guys, but I love baths especially when I have a new bath bomb. I like to put some candles around, play some nice music and just breathe for a bit, without my phone or anything distracting me. A little technology break is healthy and helps me to gain a new perspective.

7. Go for a walk: Getting outside and going for a walk, even when it is cold, is good for mental & physical health. Winter can be so hard to get motivated to go outdoors. I  could stay cozied up by the fire all day, but going outside and getting fresh air is a good way to clear my mind and helps me to combat those winter blues.

8. Get a cup of chai and do some Pinteresting: I am a huge fan of Pinterest and love my Woods Coffee here in Bellingham, so heading to the coffee shop and looking at ideas on Pinterest is one of my favorite things to do. I find most of my styling tricks and decoration ideas there! Getting a change of scenery helps to motivate me and keep me focused. Plus, the Woods atmosphere is my fav!

9. Go shopping: Sometimes a little retail therapy is necessary, I just have to be careful not to buy everything I see!

10. Get a massage: If I wanted to splurge and treat myself, my go-to is to get a massage. They leave me feeling very restored and relaxed so I definitely would love to get one soon!

I hope you all had a good Monday!



6 thoughts on “10 THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR “ME-TIME”?

  1. This was really helpful! I’ve been struggling trying to fill my time at home with beau being gone and not even getting to talk other then letters I’m going crazy!

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