Hunter and I are celebrating three years together and I love looking back on all memories we have created together. Long distance has been grueling, but very rewarding and I wouldn’t change anything. Hunter has been such a large part of my life for the past three years and I am so happy to be starting a new chapter with him as his fiancé.

For those who are just joining, and haven’t already read how we met, we met in high school and started dating after he had already joined the Army and started his journey at West Point. We are both students, both very independent, and both busy, but we always find time for each other and have made these last three years anything but boring or ordinary. Life with Hunter is a constant adventure!

Three years of laughter, kisses, hugs, travel, hellos & goodbyes, and three years of loving each other have been an absolute dream!

Looking back, our first year together was full of growth for both of us. I am so proud of us for making the distance work and glad that we grew together, not apart. In our first year together we managed to fit two trips to New York, a short but sweet summer together, a wedding, holiday traditions and a military ball! What a fun year we had and we looked like babies, so here are a few photos of us!

Now let’s go into our second year together! This was full of even more growth and big changes. I moved to Seattle for college, and joined a sorority! We managed to increase our travel and I visited New York three times, we went to California once and went to a music festival in Canada called Pemberton! We got to see Chainsmokers, Snoop Dogg, and tons of other artists, but our favorites were probably Jon Bellion and Halsey! They were amazing!

Oh, fun story: Right before Hunter was about to leave to go back to school after winter break I asked him when I had to book my flight to come back to NY for his military ball. He originally had told me the ball was in February. Well, he looked and it was literally TEN days away! I didn’t have a dress or a ticket to fly out at the time. It all worked out, but now I like to tease him about it and we always laugh.

Now we are closing our third year together and we have done a total of three trips to New York, two trips to California and one trip to Philadelphia. We experienced loss, celebrated two beautiful people getting married (looking at you Alexa and Ryan), we went skydiving, went to a Made in America and we got engaged! This year was full of highs and lows (literally), but it has been such a great one. Every year keeps getting better but I think this year will be hard to top! I am so thankful to have found someone I can be myself with, 100% of the time, without any hesitation. I can’t wait to see what this fourth year has in store for us!

I hope you all survived this sappy post and enjoyed getting to know my partner in crime a little better!



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