I am finally out of finals and can tell you guys all about the Army v. Navy game! Spoiler alert: ARMY WON! This weekend was definitely one of my favorite visits to the East Coast. This is Hunter’s last year at West Point and I really wanted to see this game at least once because it’s the equivalent to The Apple Cup for University of Washington V. Washington State University- it’s a big deal.

I flew into Newark, New Jersey and Hunter’s grandparents picked me up. We went to his Great Aunt’s house and enjoyed some family time because Hunter was going to meet us in Philly on Friday night. On Friday night, we got to meet up with Hunter’s cousins and his uncle, Chris. They live in Ottawa, Canada so they drove seven hours to come be with us for the weekend! I was so excited to see Hunter I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. We picked him up that evening and it was the best! Spending time with him is my favorite thing in the world and with his family, it was even better. We all had so much fun together.

GAME DAY: Let’s start out by saying that loyalty to the Army or Navy runs deep. Families come from everywhere, old grads are coming out to support their team, and people are ready for the ultimate game because this is “America’s Game”! The rivalry and stakes were high. Not only is there a giant trophy, but the bragging rights to say that Army won again was definitely driving the competition.

The game was in Philadelphia, and let me tell you, it was cold. I thought I had enough layers- you can never have enough layers, EVER. I looked around during the game and people had snow piled on their heads, everyone looked like they were buried in snow and I’m pretty sure my toes took a solid week to defrost- not really, but it sure felt like it! Army scored a touchdown in the first quarter, but at halftime, Navy was winning 13:7. During halftime Hunter’s grandma, Jeanne, and I snapped this picture and I love it! How cute is she?


In the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, Army scored a touchdown. Everyone was on edge because Navy still had time to score another touchdown or field goal, but we kept them from scoring and won 14:13! ARMY WON AGAIN! Best. moment. ever. Everyone was screaming and jumping and ran onto the field to celebrate! I will forever remember that moment because of the joy and sense of camaraderie that came with it. The Army is like one giant family, when we won, people I didn’t know were hugging me and screaming! Hunter was on cloud nine after they won, especially since he is a senior right now! His junior year AND senior year he has gotten to witness Army winning against the Navy so you could say he is happy.

This weekend was one for the books and I am so glad I had the chance to come out and enjoy the win with Hunter and his family. I hope y’all have a great weekend!





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