Shopping for the holidays is one of my FAVORITE things to do and I am so looking forward to this year! Sometimes I have a hard time thinking up different gift ideas for all my friends and family, so I laid out a quick list of gifts that people can use if they need a little inspiration. Here you go y’all!

Note: These gift ideas range from $5 to $500 so there is a large range of ideas on the list!

*Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you if you click on the link and purchase the item, I make commission off of that purchase.*

  1. A cute mug- I am obsessed right now and always look for a new one to sip my morning chai from. I love to gift them with a warm pair of fuzzy socks and a gift card, or some nail polish. I attached a link to some cute mugs here! I also just found these and I am IN LOVE- Hunter and I gave them to his cousins for their wedding because of the Mr. & Mrs. inscription on them. Now I want them…of course! Oh and here is one that I think is so fitting for a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband!
  2. There is a book I just recently purchased from Target, called “52 Lists of Happiness” and I really love it so far! I would readily gift it to any of my friends; it helps put you in a better mood, gain a new perspective, and honestly gives me so much joy 🙂 The book focuses on four main categories where it gives you an opportunity to create a list of memories, thankfulness, etc.
  3. A new watch can be a great statement piece and really add to any outfit! When I need a little bit more to spice up my outfit, I love putting on a watch because they’re super quick and easy, but I think it makes the outfit just a little bit dressier and adds a pop of sophistication! An easy outfit and one of my favorites to pair with a watch is a simple sweater with some jeans and booties. One watch in particular that I obsess over is from Daniel Wellington and this one reminds me of the style I like from them, instead of $150, it is $50! Here is a link to some watches to shop!
  4. “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur is a thought-provoking book full of poetry and definitely a great gift for your sister, girlfriend, gal pal, or coworker! Get ready for some deep discussions after gifting this one! If you or the person you are gifting this book to has already read this book, you can get her second book; “the sun and her flowers”–this book is just as good as her first if not better, in my opinion!
  5. A spa bag is always a yes in my opinion! You can put face masks, essential oils, nail polish- literally anything that can be used for some well-deserved relaxation time! Personally, I prefer lavender and vanilla scents, so whenever Hunter, my boyfriend, buys me lotion, oil, or body wash he makes sure to buy some in those scents. Another thought along these lines is to give them a gift certificate to a spa nearby– this way they can get a massage, get their nails done, or just have a little quiet time away.
  6. A polaroid camera! I have one and it is by far one of my best purchases- girls will love it and it’s such a unique way to capture memories!
  7. Pop-sockets, expanding little grippers for your phone, are always a nice little stocking stuffer. I love mine and it’s actually been very useful {you’ll never drop your phone on your face again hahah}!
  8. Booties- a new pair of boots is always on my list- Hunter thinks I have a shoe problem, but you can never have too many pairs of booties so I will always be on the lookout for another pair of boots, especially for fall and winter, sorry babe!
  9. New luggage- I travel a lot and on one of my last trips to New York my favorite suitcase broke {still a little sad about it} and now am currently on the hunt for a new suitcase and THIS is the one I am hoping to get soon! Having a good suitcase honestly makes traveling so much easier. I think the hard-side suitcases are so much more protective than soft because your items are less likely to be damaged. My dream suitcase is the Delsey Chatelet suitcase- all the heart eyes for this suitcase!
  10. New workout gear, or college gear– I am always on the lookout for a good pair of workout leggings!
  11. A record player– these have been super popular lately and I think they are so awesome, a little more on the expensive side, but very worth it. Hunter has one and he loves it! Here is another option from Target that is a super classic black turntable.
  12. One of the best things I have ever purchased is my iPad Pro, so depending on your budget this might be a nice gift for yourself or someone else. I use it for everything and it is so useful for work, school, entertainment, traveling- EVERYTHING! I’m not affiliated with Apple at all, I just love their products. I am affiliated with Target, so I linked the iPad through their site. Also in case y’all were wondering, I have the 9.7″ rose gold edition with 128GB. It looks like Apple doesn’t offer that size anymore, but it is, by far, the cheapest option with plenty of screen space!
  13. Jewelry, paired with a few other little things like a fuzzy blanket, a new sweater, or a pair of fuzzy socks is always a good go-to option, especially for close friends. I know during the winter I constantly get cold all the time and I love the feeling of a new blanket, which just adds to my never-ending collection.
  14. A letter board– how cute is this?! I am always looking for a unique, new piece of decor for my room and this is such a fun addition.
  15. A photo album- if you are gifting to a close friend or significant other– combine all of your favorite pictures into a little album. This is so personal and thoughtful; it makes for a really good holiday gift.

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