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Since I travel so often to see Hunter on the East Coast, and we are currently planning a trip to Europe, I thought I might tell y’all some travel tips I have learned over these past few years! I love exploring new places but traveling to the actual destination is not my favorite, if I am being honest, so I always try to make my flights as comfortable as possible.

One of my first tips for traveling is to book your flight 6 weeks out, and not on a weekend! Booking tickets on Tuesday is the best because most business employees are getting their flights on a Monday or Wednesday, and other’s tend to look on weekends when they have the time to start planning their trips- airlines know this and they raise the prices, typically. I normally book my flights on because I find it the easiest to use and it finds me the cheapest flights with whatever specifications I need. I’m not sponsored or affiliated with them, I just like their website and services!

Quick note about booking tickets- when you are booking tickets sometimes it is cheaper to add the checked bag into your purchase online. Some airlines have different prices for checked bags once you get to the airport, it could save you $25 to add it online!

I normally arrive 1.5-2 hours before my flight, but it depends on if it is a holiday weekend or a long weekend. Typically, that makes the security lines a little longer- you don’t want to miss your flight and end up spending all day in an airport! Generally 1.5 hours is good though; that gives you time to get through the lines, grab a snack, check your email or social media and hop on the plane without stress.

Alright, onto my next tip- what to wear! Wearing something comfy that also can work as a casual outfit for the day is what I usually try to do. ย My go-to outfit is leggings, a white tee, and my converse with my jean jacket or a sweatshirt. I love it because it’s comfortable, yet cute, so you can wear it not only for traveling but for exploring once you land! Plus it’s easy to move around and maneuvaur the airport in!

For packing, I always try to pack as efficiently as possible but I am notorious for overpacking- whoops! I know I’m not the only over-packer, so here are my tricks for getting as much as I can into my suitcase:

  1. Look at the weather- know if it is going to rain, snow, or be sunny and make sure to pack for that weather! Fun fact: One of the first times I went to New York there were freezing temperatures coupled with snow and I only packed a rain jacket, so I learned my lesson the hard way!
  2. Get Travelon Compression Bags! They take the air out for you and they are a lifesaver, especially if you are going on a longer trip and don’t want to lug a 50-pound suitcase around!
  3. Roll your shirts, leggings, and jeans. Sometimes jeans can be too thick, so I lay them flat on the top or bottom-it just depends on the space and how everything lays out.
  4. Put your socks inside your shoes, it saves space and helps you remember to pack socks; sounds weird, but it’s definitely something I forget from time to time.
  5. When packing jackets and shoes, try to make sure they will go with more than one outfit. Unless it is a special occasion, each of your accessories should get multiple uses!

I hope these tips help you out on your next trip, feel free to leave a comment with anything you have learned from your experiences. I am always looking for a new trick to make traveling easier!



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