Hey everyone, for those of you who don’t know, I am in Chi Omega and this past week was Big-Lit Reveal! Everyday this week, the upperclassmen decorate the freshmen’s desk according to a theme and we shower the “littles” with gifts and love. In my house, we spell out “CHI-O” throughout the week, so each day has a theme according to that letter. Since my pledge class (PC16) was larger than the freshmen’s, some of us are sharing a little. My little gets double the love because I am sharing her with another girl in my pledge class- YAY!

The first day was ‘C’ so anything that starts with a ‘C’ you can out on their desk. We had a pink and yellow color theme because our little loves pink and yellow! We put clothes, candy, canvases, a coloring book, and some other little items on her desk- some didn’t start with the letter C but we did them anyways.


Day two was ‘H’ which is hand-me-downs and Husky gear- We go to University of Washington and our mascot is a Husky! We gave her sweatshirts, Husky tees and Chi Omega tees, a teddy bear, lavender nail polish, a hat, and a bunch of other things as you can see below.


Day three was insignia which is the day our little finds out what family she is in. Our greek fam name is “Charlie’s Angels” because I came from Angel fam and Nicole (my little’s other big) came from Mafia fam- we mixed them and became Charlie’s Angels! I gave her an oversized Chi Omega shirt (I have the same one), letters from her grand big, great great grand big and her two fav humans- her bigs! This day tends to be more low-key.


Day four- LAST DAY- is all about owls because our symbol is an owl. I am very creeped out by owls so when this day came for me last year I was not excited. I have never been a fan of birds so this day will never be a favorite. For our little, Nicole and I have a few owls, and some Chi Omega stuff that she can pass down to her own little next year.


IT’S REVEAL DAY! I was so excited to finally tell her I am one of her bigs! This girl is one of my favorite humans and such a light for anyone that meets her so I am thrilled to be her big! Everyone, meet Hailey!



IMG_7065 2



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