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I don’t know about you guys, but for me midterm season has begun and I am definitely feeling the stress. I know that midterms can be very difficult and that the pressure to get good grades is high so I decided to put a list below of 5 things you can do to take some of that stress away and clear your head. Mental health is very important and taking time for yourself is always a good thing.

Sidenote: Even if you aren’t in school, these are still some good things to do if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed- we all have stressful days and need to take a minute to relax.

1. Exercise- whether you run, walk, jog, do yoga or lift weights, working out helps to release endorphins and this causes your brain to reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body. This means you will end up feeling more energized, and have a clearer head so that you can be more productive!

2. Take some time for yourself to do something you like. This can be whatever makes you happy. For me, I enjoy watercolor painting, doing a face mask, journaling, or watching a movie. Doing something that is for your own enjoyment is not a bad thing, and making time for yourself is important. If you don’t recharge and refill your cup, what are you going to be able to give?

3. Spend some time with your friends- spending time with people you are close to can help relieve your anxiety and can also give you an outlet if you need to talk. If you are worried about an exam, anxious about a change in your life- whatever it is, talking can help.

4. Eat something sweet. I know, you’ve been told stress eating is bad, but eating a piece of chocolate, having a mint, or chewing a piece of gum has actually been proven to help relieve your stress! Everything in moderation but hey, now you can say science says chocolate is good for you so that’s a win!

5. Take a breath. Sometimes it feels like you can’t seem to catch your breath, especially when you are under a lot of pressure and have a million things on your mind- which for me feels like all the time. Take 5 deep breaths without any interruptions and simply focus on your breathing. While you are counting your breaths, this gives your brain a much needed rest and helps you to focus on something other than your to-do list. When you do this it delivers more oxygen to your brain which in turn means you will be able to think more clearly.

I hope these tips help you find a way to relax and help you have a better day!




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