In case you guys didn’t know, Hunter goes to school in New York which is 6.5 hours away by plane from Washington, so I visit New York quite a bit. It was a quick trip this time but one of our favorite ones of the year. Every year I come out and we go to a pumpkin patch, watch scary movies- or since I hate horror movies, we watched Halloweentown! Hunter tried to convince me to go in a corn maze but his favorite pastime is scaring me so that was an obvious no- sorry babe! We also got apple cider and apple cider donuts for him, since I can’t have gluten. We like to try and squeeze in all the fall traditions when we are together on the East Coast since we do miss some of the holidays together because he is away. We were both in need of some down time as well, so we spent most of the weekend enjoying each other’s company which means we watched more movies and ate tons of snacks! We were living our best life guys. You know you’re dating you best friend when you can just watch movies and eat junk food without feeling the need to do anything else! In all actuality, it was nice just to be able to spend some time with him since we see each other so little and we normally go a few months without seeing each other- all you military girlfriends, fiancรฉs, and wives know how I feel. Long distance relationships can be difficult but Hunter and I have created some great traditions and made amazing friends along the way- shoutout to all my West Point girls, love y’all!



pumpkin patch

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