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Alright everybody, with the changing weather comes new trends and clothes and I am all about it! I just got the cutest olive booties from Nordstrom last month and I am loving them! I got them on sale so that was a win, I am all for a good sale. I also just splurged and got all new jeans from Urban Outfitters and American Eagle! At AE I got a few pairs and I love all of them. They are so comfortable and now I don’t dread putting on my jeans. I don’t know about you, but I am more of a leggings and t-shirt sorta gal, so buying jeans that are comfortable is a top priority for me. Side note that I just have to tell you guys, I had Hunter pick me up the fuzziest Army sweatshirt ever known to man and I am in love! Hunter laughed at me for wanting it so badly but he got it for me and now even he likes it. I linked it because I think you will either laugh and think I am crazy or you may love it and end up buying it, who knows! I love it and wear it whenever I am home because it is honestly one of the warmest fleece jackets I have ever owned and I am always cold. Besides the jeans and my booties, I am still looking for any fall necessities I should have so please email me or comment your favorite fall item if you think I should get it!





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